The Plant Lady will work with you, your interior designer or architect to choose the right plants and decorative containers for your space. We can create a unique and effective plantscape design specific to your environment, utilizing the latest design trends and styles available on the market.

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Once the plants and containers are selected, we will prepare them for installation prior to delivery for a seamless installation process. After we have installed your plants, our well trained horticulture technicians will keep your plants looking beautiful and healthy with our regularly scheduled guaranteed maintenance service.

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Patioscaping is the art of displaying beautiful and well-maintained plants, succulents, flowers and trees in unique outdoor containers. The Plant Lady can help incorporate plants into your outdoor patio, entryway, or pool deck to create an inviting exterior space.

Embassy Suites, San Luis Obispo, CA

Embassy Suites, San Luis Obispo, CA

Established in 1983, The Plant Lady is one of the Central Coast’s oldest and most experienced interior landscape companies. We design and maintain beautiful plantscapes for your office, commercial building, hotel, restaurant, patio and home. Find out why investing in professional plant care is good for your business.

Our service area spans from Paso Robles to Solvang, and we can help you choose and install quality interior and patio plants appropriate to your space and decorative needs. We have numerous long term clients, some of whom have been with us since Kathy bought her first watering can!

Why Plants?

Plants provide a multitude of benefits for both the home and office. From the obvious pop of color they provide to the less obvious health benefits they silently contribute, plants work hard to truly make a space come alive.

Residential Interior Plantscaping and Design by The Plant Lady

Residential Interior Plantscaping and Design by The Plant Lady

Residential Interior Plantscaping and Design by The Plant Lady

Residential Interior Plantscaping and Design by The Plant Lady

Benefits of Plants

Make a Good First Impression

It takes just seconds for someone to form a first impression when they walk into a room, and plants can help create the aesthetically pleasing and welcoming atmosphere we seek for our indoor spaces. A business that uses plants in their décor displays a positive image by highlighting a love and appreciation of nature, bolstering their brand awareness and portraying to visitors a sense of sustainability. Likewise, a well decorated home with the addition of live plants, shows pride of ownership and highlights the importance of green living. Live plants immediately convey an acute attention to detail while creating a less sterile environment for your guests. Biophilic design, a concept that focuses on human connectivity to nature, is now widely utilized by many sectors of the building and interior design industries. For example, by incorporating live plants into treatment rooms, a dental office can make patients feel more at ease and less anxious about their visit. It shows customers that their healthcare professionals value a soothing environment, similar to that which they would find in nature.


Improve Air Quality

Live plants can filter pollutants and reduce levels of harmful toxins in any indoor space by making the air cleaner for us to breath and ultimately transforming a room into a more lively space.

Some examples of common indoor toxins include:

-          Formaldehyde found in various wood products and synthetic fabrics

-          Trichloroethylene found in household cleaners, paint and varnishes

-          Benzene found in adhesives, automobile exhaust, detergents, and lubricants

-          Ammonia found in many cleaning products and fertilizers

-          Xylene found in nail lacquer, paint, and tobacco smoke

The most ordinary household plants can perform some pretty extraordinary tasks. The “Spider Plant”, one of the easiest indoor plants to maintain, produces oxygen while absorbing carbon monoxide, xylene, and formaldehyde. The very forgiving “Snake Plant”, or Sansevieria, also absorbs carbon monoxide and filters out trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene from our indoor environments. The “Peace Lily” is a major contributor to soaking up trichloroethylene along with ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene. Indoor plants can also absorb airborne dust and microbes such as bacteria, spores, and even mold!


Mental and Physical Well-Being

Many would agree that being out in nature helps reduce stress, anger, and anxiety. Between work and home, some people spend upwards of 90% of their day indoors, with little time allocated to being outside. Even then, in more urban areas, sometimes “nature” isn’t easily accessible or nearby. By adding greenery in the form of potted plants or living walls, one can create a calm indoor atmosphere comparable to the great outdoors. Studies have found a significant reduction in stress levels amongst employees whose workspace incorporates plants. Plants help reduce overall tension, depression, fatigue, and hostility, leading to a more harmonious work environment. Proximity to nature in the form of plants can also help boost confidence and self-esteem, fostering a more optimistic outlook. Incorporating natural elements, such as sunlight, water features, and plants helps create a positive ambiance in both the home and workplace.


Productivity and Morale

Plants and people both need natural light to thrive. For plants, bright natural light leads to photosynthesis and, ultimately, energy for growth. For people, light boosts the creation of melatonin, which regulates sleep cycles and, ultimately, energy levels. It’s only natural that the two go hand in hand. When energy levels are up,  productivity increases. Consider rolling “living walls” instead of constricting cubicles and open concept meeting spaces with big windows and large palms instead of curtains or blinds. All these aspects in a room can improve overall attitude, creativity, and efficiency within the workplace, in addition to creating a beautiful indoor environment. Biophilic design in the workplace can be a competitive advantage, and an employer who enhances the working environment of their employees will find a higher percentage of staff loyalty compared to those who don’t make any improvements to the space.

There is no doubt that live plants offer many benefits at home and at work. The addition of well cared for plants creates a beautiful, pleasing environment for all indoor spaces.  

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