Horticulture maintenance can appear deceptively easy, but requires thorough training and years of experience to do well. Our plant technicians are not just “plant waterers” or “leaf shiners”; the quality service they provide keeps your plants looking fantastic! This is done through proper watering, pruning, fertilizing, cleaning, rotating, and pest management during each and every visit.

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Design & Consultation

The Plant Lady will work with you, your interior designer or architect to choose the right plants and decorative containers for your space. We can create a unique and effective plantscape design specific to your environment, utilizing the latest design trends and styles available on the market.

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New Installations

Once the plants and containers are selected, we will prepare them for installation prior to delivery for a seamless installation process. The Plant Lady only uses plants from reputable growers that have been inspected to be pest and disease free with mature root structure and are properly acclimated to the environment.

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Business & Residential

Our clients range from large businesses to residential accounts in upscale communities. Big or small, all of our customers receive professional and personal service from our horticulture technicians. We know that security is very important in today’s work environment. Our technicians come to your office in uniform and will provide the highest quality of unobtrusive service. We strive to have the same employee complete each visit on the same scheduled day and time whenever possible.

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Guaranteed Maintenance

Our well-trained horticulture technicians will keep your plants looking beautiful and healthy with our regularly scheduled guaranteed maintenance service. Any plant that is provided and continuously cared for by The Plant Lady is guaranteed to be attractive and healthy or it will be replaced with one of the same size and type at no additional cost to the customer. A professional and uniformed maintenance technician will visit your site and provide expert horticultural care to all plants on the guaranteed maintenance service program. The technician will check the moisture level, clean, prune, rotate and check for overall plant health at each visit. We will also fertilize as needed according to the growing conditions and season.

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Existing Plant Maintenance

The Plant Lady can provide expert care for your existing house or office plants. We can give you a proposal for maintenance of your existing plants including adding them to our guaranteed maintenance program once we have upgraded them to new plants.


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Patioscaping is the art of displaying beautiful and well-maintained plants, succulents, flowers and trees in unique outdoor containers. The Plant Lady can help incorporate plants into your outdoor patio, entryway, or pool deck to create an inviting exterior space. We always design with water conservation and sustainability in mind. From a simple entrance container grouping to an elaborate rooftop garden, The Plant Lady can enhance your exterior surroundings.

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Refurbishment of Existing Plants

The Plant Lady can provide a one-time clean up, re-staging, soil treatment, root prune, fertilizer, or water-proof lining replacement. All plants will be properly re-staged into decorative containers and topped with moss or another appropriate top dressing.


Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are high quality replica greenery that appear very real and can fill spaces where no real foliage will survive. Replicas can transform a low lit area into a lively space since they don’t require natural light or watering. Utilized both indoors and outdoors, faux plants are typically made of silk and/or UV protected plastics. They can work alone or in combination with live plants or create a green space where live plants won’t otherwise thrive.